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About Hot PJ > How we’ll work with you

We’ll carefully plan and manage your project from start to finish

At Hot Pyjama Productions we keep you fully informed throughout your project. We follow a carefully detailed process - from the initial planning stage, right through to the finished job and follow up - so you’ll know in advance exactly what is involved and how long it will take.

Here is an outline of the process we follow.

Getting to know your business

We like to start our relationship with you face to face, so we'll organise a time to meet with you at our office. This way you get a feel for us, you can meet the team and satisfy yourself that we are the right fit for your business.

It will be a 'getting to know you' meeting, and we'll talk in depth with you about your business, your marketing goals, your customers/clients, competitors, and the challenges and opportunities you face. This will enable us to design a solution that will best meet your needs, effectively boosting your business profile, leads and profit in a measurable way.

Getting down to business

This is where we discuss your ideas and the purpose of your specific project. We’ll give you ideas for getting the most out of your budget. As we do this every day, we know the best way to tackle these projects, and may surprise you with something that fits perfectly.

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How much will it cost?

For new projects we’ll follow up with a written proposal covering all the steps and an estimate of the costs involved, so you don’t get any nasty surprises. We can quote on the entire project including copy writing and photography, if necessary.

We don't aim to be the cheapest (or the most expensive), but we do aim to provide real measurable value for money. Any design professional worth their salt should be able to give you a well designed solution at a competitive price. Hot PJ's difference lies in taking a strategy lead approach to your project that leads to positive and measurable changes to your business.

If there is anything in your proposal you don’t understand, let us know. We will be more than happy to go over the details so you are absolutely clear about what is involved.

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The design process

After signing-off on the proposal and fine tuning the final brief, we start researching and developing concepts for your particular design project. We’ll present the concept design/s to you for feedback to ensure we are on the right track.

Based on your feedback, we’ll make any amendments to the design before reproofing. To keep costs down and the job on budget, we recommend our client’s consolidate their changes rather than drip feed them through, which can add to the cost. We like to ensure our clients get the best use of their budget, which is in the design rather than making numerous small copy changes.

Once the design has been approved we then prepare the file for production, whether in print or on the web.


Some people prefer to organise production themselves, but we strongly recommend you let us take care of this process. Not only because of the problems that can arise that still require professional input, but also the fact that we work with a number of reproduction companies and each one has its own requirements for how material is to be supplied. If one of these requirements is wrong, your finished product will not be how you wanted it.

Quite often, depending on the project, it doesn’t cost any extra for us to oversee the production work, as we are able to get better services because of the amount of work we put through our suppliers. It really isn’t worth the hassle trying to do it yourself.

When handling the job to the end result, we take responsibility for all of this and manage the quality control and finishing. Why give yourself grey hairs over something we do every day? It really is worthwhile to let us worry about it. (Murphy’s Law does play a big part here, ‘do what you do best’).

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Follow up - measuring the success of your project

When we talk to you about your project in the initial stages, we will discuss how you will measure the success of the project and help you to put those measures in place.

Once your project has been completed and in front of your target audience for an appropriate time, we will follow up with you to find out how it worked. Out of this we will understand what worked well for your particular business situation, what needs to be continued, and what improvements can be made going forward.

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