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Graphic Design Case Study > Food Plants that Changed the World

Christchurch Botanic Gardens - Christchurch City Council
Project Name:
“Food Plants that Changed the World” posters and introduction panel.
Key Strategic Goals:

To build awareness of how the world has changed from the discovery, cultivation and consumption of the food plants we enjoy today.


In consultation with our client, we designed a series of posters that told a visually interesting story about each food plant. Colours were chosen to reflect each plant; warm brown for coffee, rich red for spice, etc, and the design was carried over to each poster to create a sense that they all belonged together as a collection.

Historical images were provided by our client with supplimentary images sourced by Hot PJ.

The posters formed the central display at the Botanic Gardens Information Centre, supported by a large introductory panel as visitors entered the display area called "History on a plate", also designed by Hot PJ.

What our client said:

“In our mind Hot Pyjama Productions met the objective in a stylish, efficient and timely manner. We enjoyed working with them and felt confident they shared our vision.”
Anne Coventry
Christchurch Botanical Garden

Christchurch Botanic Gardens Food Plant Posters

Christchurch Botanic Gardens Poster Display

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